12/2022 DTC Global: Real-time Visibility and Digital Transformation

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Event Location Online @ 11AM EST
Event Type DTC Member Meeting
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Chris Cunnane

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One thing that has become abundantly clear over the last few years is that visibility solutions are becoming more necessary. The need to know where products and materials are, whether they are on the way to the manufacturing plant, warehouse, store, or customer, is critical to ensure a positive experience. The rise of visibility solutions at the container level is helping to drive the transportation execution market to new heights, with real-time visibility as a major growth driver. Come learn how real-time visibility solutions are part of an overall digital transformation journey.


Chris Cunnane, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group


Johnny Ivanyi, Global Director of Distribution Excellence, Bayer

Paul Verhaegen, IT&P Global Logistics Leader, DuPont

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