4/2023 DTC Global Meeting: Exploring Risk, Reward, Cost, and Innovation of Open-source in Industrial Operations

End Date
Event Location Online @11 AM ET
Event Type DTC Member Meeting
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Michael Guilfoyle

Open-source software has been heralded as a means to liberate industrial companies from the burden vendor lock in. It’s also seen as a way for industrial companies to accelerate their digital transformation efforts while mitigating the cost of doing so. This month’s Digital Transformation Council online gathering will explore the promise and realities of its use in operational settings. A panel consisting of experts from Dow, Pfizer, and Ingersoll Rand will weigh in on how they approach it as a tool and what to expect when applying it to shop floor digitalization. Topics covered will include:

  • How do you define open-source and is it really what it seems?
  • Is open source really the solution to vendor lock-in?
  • What are the risks and benefits of using open-source and how should they be considered?
  • How can open-source solutions be practically applied on the shop floor and how does it compare to traditionally on-premises software such as historians and SCADA?


Michael Guilfoyle, ARC Advisory Group


Jan Pingel, Ingersoll Rand, Digital Solutions Product Leader

Jonathan Lowe, Senior Director and Data Science Lead, PGS Operations Insight, Pfizer

Shawn Mullins, Senior Director, Digital Manufacturing 4.0 Lead, Pfizer

Josh Holtz, Analytics and AI Technology Manager, Dow