Advancing Plant Asset Management with IoT Technology

End Date
Event Location Online @12:30 PM IST | 3PM Singapore
Event Type DTC Webinar
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Bob Gill G. Ganapathiraman

Details of the Webinar:
1. Date & Time: Tuesday, 26 March 2024; 12:30PM IST; 3PM Singapore Time 
2. Topic Introduction and Presentation: Bob Gill, General Manager, Southeast Asia, ARC Advisory Group 
3. Guest Speaker Presentation: Darwin Kusuma, Regional Technical Sales Specialist, Azbil Corporation
4. Panel Discussion: Bob Gill with Darwin Kusuma
5. Duration: 60 Minutes

Synopsis: While the disruptive and costly impact of downtime, especially unplanned downtime, is largely understood, the reactive nature of conventional maintenance strategies used in most plants remains inadequate for maintaining maximum equipment uptime and ensuring continuity of production. In this webinar, find out how IoT technologies and online service capabilities are enabling companies to transform maintenance of their control valve assets, in particular, through much earlier detection of abnormalities, and helping to achieve safe and stable operations across industries.  

Speaker Bios: 
Darwin Kusuma, Regional Technical Sales Specialist at Azbil’s Strategic Planning & Development Office for Southeast Asia in Singapore, has over a decade of expertise in process control and automation. Specializing in flow control technology, his experience at multinational companies includes consultative technical sales support for critical control valve applications in the oil & gas sector, and leading the control valve business in chemical and general industries. This cumulative experience is instrumental to Azbil as it looks to optimize plant operations and performance across diverse market segments in Southeast Asia and India. 

Bob Gill is responsible for managing ARC Advisory Group’s business operations and market research activities in Southeast Asia. ARC provides technology research, advisory and consulting services to industrial automation and software suppliers as well as to end-user companies in the manufacturing, infrastructure, and energy sectors. His work experience includes engineering roles (15 years) at British Aerospace, General Electric Company, and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech).