AspenTech Workshop: Practical Steps to Achieving Asset Optimization in 2.5 Weeks

The process industries have benefited from manufacturing digitalization for the past 40 years, but advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced data analysis will drive productivity growth for the next several decades.  Asset Performance Management that takes advantage of real-time data, advanced analytics enabled by machine learning, and rich process knowledge is allowing companies to optimize CAPEX and OPEX decisions and gain a systems-level understanding of risks.  As a result, these companies are realizing cost savings, improving asset reliability, and eliminating unplanned downtime ahead of their competitors.

This workshop presented by AspenTech will share real-world results and the practical steps companies are using to achieve asset optimization. You’ll hear stories of companies who have successfully implemented the Aspen Mtell® prescriptive maintenance solution, producing accurate results in about two and a half weeks.

Tuesday PM
S2d: 1 PM Track 4 (Oceans 11)