BIM for Smart Safe Cities

Cities and the infrastructure that connects and moves people are becoming much smarter.  Additionally, cities are becoming safer for the people who live in these increasingly denser environments.  There are a range of technologies that have emerged to make cities smart, connected, and safe.  These include geospatial and geosystems that can capture the physical context of cities and create virtual cities where the fusion of perception and reality to augment perception with digital reality.  And for physical safety use next-generation technology to provide physical security and to coordinate multiple agencies such as police, fire, emergency management, and communications.  This would include command and control centers that enable interagency communication and collaboration using advanced technologies like mobile wireless centers, unifying physical security monitoring (video cameras, perimeter security, etc).  It would also include intelligence gathering for threat assessment, UAVs/drones, mobile robots, etc.  They would leverage technologies from sister business units for geospatial and geosystems like virtual mapping and large scale virtual modeling for cities and facilities. 

This session brings together technology providers and their customers to examine the smart and safe city of the future.

Wednesday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 6 (Oceans 9)