Digital Transformation Progress and Challenges

While use cases and proofs-in-concept are valuable, many companies still struggle to embark on their digital journey to what many refer to as the 4th industrial revolution.  Some industry leaders have addressed corporate readiness, organization, governance, and have developed a unique approach to the deployment of advanced digital technology and transforming processes.  This Digital Transformation is about the augmentation of people and knowledge through the expanded use of sensors and analytics.

Industrial first-mover organizations have found better ways to optimize internal processes to be better positioned to implement emerging technologies such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.  These industrial "first movers" are also better utilizing their existing infrastructure, sensors, and the data already being gathered and without compromising cybersecurity.

Please attend this session where industrial peers will share their lessons learned, challenges, plans, and experiences in their company-wide digital transformation.​​

Wednesday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 4 (Oceans 11)