Digitizing Intelligence: From Analytics to Bots

Smart, connected real-time data that is synchronized throughout the plant and global enterprise is the future for process automation, the digital transformation, and smart manufacturing.  Whether working with advanced analytics, machine learning, robotics, or chatbots, having connected industrial time stamped process data enables companies to make better data based decisions that can optimize production.  Manufacturers need to integrate, manage, and obtain intelligence from large volumes of disparate data from sensors, machines, cameras, energy, financial, weather, and other data sources, to make more intelligent decisions faster.

Join the digital transformation and attend this session and learn how Pioneer Resources is applying advanced analytics to maximize oil and gas production by detecting abnormal operating conditions in gas lift compression.  See how Duke Energy's Emerging Technologies group is using a chatbot for operations and maintenance on wind turbines to help substation technicians understand and analyze historical operations data​.

Thursday AM
S1: 8:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)