Infrastructure Cybersecurity Trends and Developments Workshop

Infrastructure spans a wide range of industries including electrical power, water and wastewater, transportation, etc.  Many of these industries are regulated and are subject to specific cybersecurity standards established by groups like FERC, NERC, NRC, etc.  There are gaps in these standards, like distribution in the power industry, and companies are using standards like IEC-62443 and NIST to fill these gaps.

This session will include short presentations by people from a variety of infrastructure industries regarding the challenges they face and the trends and developments they are observing in cybersecurity standards and guidelines.  Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion where session attendees will be invited to offer their input and discuss their own issues/concerns.

This information will be of benefit to owner-operators, suppliers, and researchers involved with the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

Monday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)