SAP Workhop: The Network of Digital Twins Connecting Product and Asset Intelligence

The network of digital twins enables a collaborative end-to-end digital transformation from inception, design, procurement, engineering, production, and logistics through maintenance and service to end-of-life.  Next-generation business processes and business models will span multiple pillars of the digital framework, driving new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and transparency both internally and across business networks via digital twins.  Learn how to synchronize the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assets and products in real time to accelerate innovation, optimize operating performance conditions, and predict service requirements to avoid unplanned downtime and major operational consequences.  Gain valuable insights on how to merge information from operational and business systems (IT/OT convergence), and leverage IoT for scaling transparency without neglecting existing information sources.

Wednesday PM
S2d: 1 PM Track 4 (Oceans 11)