Smart Field Systems Creating Business Value for Process Industries

Smart field devices, systems, and associated digital networks continue to support every aspect of the process industries.  While the various digital field technologies are based on standards and provide far more functionality than conventional analog communication, we continue to see relatively slow adoption, particularly in brownfield situations.  Smart field devices can provide greater operational visibility, agility, and flexibility when leveraged effectively.

On the smart device side, the available technology goes beyond the basic measurements of pressure, temperature, flow, and level, to include multiphase flow, multi-variable transmitters, video, acoustic, fiber optic, and analytical measurements.  Not only do these new, smart devices and associated digital communication networks provide the opportunity to obtain additional real-time process and asset intelligence, they also reduce the number of process penetrations required.

This session will include examples of how smart field systems (devices) have created value for their owners.  A follow on panel discussion will provide attendees with an opportunity to ask questions and further examine how smart field systems can be used to create value in their respective operational situations.

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 5 (Oceans 10)