Stratus Technologies Workshop: Modernize Your Plant Floor in Under an Hour

OT and IT alike are faced with increasing demands to gather and act on mission-critical information on the plant floor in near real-time.  Yet, where are the technologies and edge devices that can help make this happen in a cost-effective and simple-to-manage manner?  During this workshop, Stratus will be joined by ARC analyst, Craig Resnick, and Stratus customer, Tom Schiller from FacilityConneX, who will discuss the need for advanced edge infrastructure suitable for IT-constrained manufacturing environments and discuss recent implementations of edge solutions.  Stratus will also showcase its new zero-touch platform to meet this need, and demonstrate how it can be up and running on your plant floor in less than an hour, without IT assistance.

Wednesday PM
S2d: 1 PM Track 3 (Oceans 12)