Analytics Rollout Best Practices

Deciding to rollout analytics is perhaps the easiest part of the deployment process.  Once the organization has determined what tool(s) and method(s) to use, a host of issues and questions must be defined, considered, and addressed.  These issues run the gamut, from well-known but complex-to-solve considerations about technology governance and data management to deeply entrenched and often well-hidden cultural barriers impacting adoption and scale.  Examples include:

  • What is the strategy for data, including screening and validation, unstructured formats, segmentation and security?
  • Should the technology drive process change and optimization or will processes and skills shape how the technology is used?
  • What roles and responsibilities are needed, and how does those impact the current role of process and subject-matter owners?
  • How will best practices be captured and shared, particularly in global organizations?​

Organizations deploying analytics sort through similar decisions, influenced by their particular circumstances.  While analytics doesn't seem to support "one size fits all" deployment, there are good practices that can inspire, set standards, and help avoid common pitfalls.  Attendees of this session will hear from organizations actively engaged in analytics.  Presenters will share their experience and lessons learned on how to effectively organize to support digital transformation through the deployment of analytics.

Wednesday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 3 (Oceans 12)