Autonomous Mobile Robots Come of Age

The ROI from autonomous mobile robots is based on the centralized intelligence that choreographs the movement of human associates and the fleet of robots that support them in a manner that minimizes travel for the associates through a distribution center or factory.​  Alan McDonald, the Senior Director of Continuous Improvement at Geodis, and ​Framebridge's Tyler Wolfe,​ a Director and Solutions Architect, will speak about their use of this technology and the kinds of benefits they have gotten.  ​Geodis is using the solution from Locus Robotics and Framebridge is using Fetch Robotics. ​​​ Bruce Welty, the Chairman of Locus Robotics, and Joe Lau, a Director at Fetch Robotics, will also be on the panel to discuss their technologies in more depth.

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 6 (Oceans 9)