Digital Transformation Planning Workshop

With digital transformation, strategic-level "wishes" often get pushed downhill to operations to carry out, without an understanding of the process, technological, and cultural realities preventing success.  Or, there is some type of "dip the toe(s) in the water" operational execution with limited guiding perspective of enterprise-level considerations or reasonable expectations for scale.  With no bridge between strategy and execution, digital transformation often remains limited in terms of scope, ROI, and sustainability.  ​Is there a better process for designing a digital transformation roadmap and ensuring it is correctly executed?

This mini-workshop introduces ARC's three-phase methodology for developing and executing digital transformation strategies.  It provides direction for organizations planning or engaged in digital transformation and using technologies such as machine learning.  Organizations can use it as a blueprint to ensure their initiatives are aligned with business goals, reflect operational realities, and include scalability planning. 

Monday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 3 (Oceans 12)