Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing: The Future Is Now!

Smart manufacturing and the digital transformation includes concepts like the Connected Factory and Connected Operations, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and Digital Manufacturing.  Is the smart factory an extension of operational excellence or MES technologies or the convergence of IT/OT?  What is your digital manufacturing transformation?  Most manufacturers have started smart manufacturing and new MES initiatives to take advantage of new platforms, cloud, edge, connectivity, analytics, and visualization including augmented reality and the digital twin.

Manufacturers are leveraging a wide array of technologies and approaches for manufacturing.  They believe different technologies are critical to smart manufacturing, the digital transformation, and Industrial IoT.  Companies are striving for operational efficiencies and lower costs.  What technologies do they believe are critical and which technologies are they leveraging now?  Join this smart manufacturing session to find out what operations and manufacturers are actually doing to improve manufacturing and what digital transformation technologies really work.​

Thursday AM
S1: 8:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)