Industrial/OT Threat Detection and Response: What's the Right Solution for Your Company?

Threat detection and response is the hottest area in the industrial/OT cybersecurity market today.  Companies recognize the visibility and early detection benefits of passive network monitoring and they want these capabilities.  But many still struggle to choose a solution or even select suppliers for proof of concept bake offs.

This session will begin with an ARC overview of the industrial/OT threat detection and response market.  This will include a discussion of how these solutions can vary in focus, scope, and capabilities and the need for alignment with a company's cybersecurity management strategy.  Following ARC's presentation, a panel of experts who have actively evaluated or selected solutions in this space will offer their insights and recommendations for users regarding solution selection and prerequisites for success.  Panelists will then respond to questions from session attendees so that they can discuss their concerns about adoption of this technology in their own unique facilities.

Attendees will get an update on the use of industrial threat detection and response solutions ​and learn what peers are doing to apply them in securing plant systems.  This information will be of benefit to owner-operators and suppliers of cybersecurity solutions in the industrial sector.

Monday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 1 (Oceans 6&8)