Optimizing Operations with AI, Edge Connectivity, and IIoT

Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning, industrial edge infrastructure, ​and the Industrial Internet of Things are cornerstones for transforming operations using data and analytics. Industrial companies are counting on these modern methods to drive operational optimization in areas such as production, asset management, and energy consumption.

Hear from Diego Molinari of steel manufacturer Ternium S. A.  The company has been using machine learning and predictive analytics to monitor various stages of their steel manufacturing process and reduce unplanned downtime at their Monterey, Mexico facility.  These analytics are key to addressing more than $2 million per manufacturing line in lost production annually.

Diana Salguero, IT Director for Americas, Royal Vopak will also share how the tank storage company was able to realize 20% energy cost reduction and gain real-time operations visibility by leveraging IIoT.  Diana will discuss the digital terminal initiative Vopak undertook, including collaboration between the operations and IT, as well as preview their roadmap for digital transformation across the enterprise edge.​

Joseph Etris of Continental Automotive will speak about his company's efforts to reduce energy consumptions, costs, and emissions via IIoT and machine learning, including the use of tailored edge applications.  As part of these efforts to digitize the factory floor, Joseph will detail the value of combining production data with energy consumption at the machine level.  He will also share how the Fountain Inn plant integrated its local utility and energy smart metering to improve energy forecasting and reduce peak-hour consumption as part of their overall energy reduction initiative. 

Tuesday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 6 (Oceans 9)