Strategies to Reduce Downtime and Increase Plant KPIs

This session will discuss manufacturers' biggest nemesis - unscheduled downtime - and strategies on how to reduce or eliminate it, subsequently increasing a plant's key performance indicators (KPIs).  Case studies will offer need-to-know guidance on "must haves" for OT leaders looking to maximize the ROI of their automation systems by eliminating any unscheduled downtime.  Presentations will focus on learning to assess availability readiness of automation systems, as well as best practices to engage with IT decision makers.   Learn how IT and OT convergence can align to deploy the best solution, one that fits into existing systems, supports standards including OPC, and delivers ROI, while laying the foundation to support modern technologies, such as virtualization and IIoT.  

This session will cover:

  • OT business drivers, including simplicity, TCO, and avoiding unscheduled downtime
  • The best of both worlds for OT/IT convergence, such as best practices to engage with IT
  • Support for modern technologies, including IIoT, virtualization, and Cloud
Thursday AM
S1: 8:30 AM Track 2 (Oceans 5&7)