Enabling Secure Digital Transformation

Security has been an ongoing concern for digital transformation leaders.  In some cases, this is delaying deployment of new business strategies with significant benefits.  Yet confusion over the meaning of "digital transformation" continues to constrain progress. 

Like the story of five blind men describing an elephant, suppliers see digital transformation from different perspectives.  Some see it as the deployment of new, cloud-connected devices within existing facility perimeters.   Others see it as sharing existing plant data with cloud analytic packages and external applications.  Still others, see it as enabling vendor support and remote control of processes.  Each of these presents unique challenges, but they can all be addressed once security teams understand the required use cases.  Lacking a shared understanding of the problem, industrial cybersecurity teams restrict deployments unnecessarily and business leaders launch programs without appropriate security controls in place.

The purpose of this workshop is to foster dialogue between digital transformation leaders and industrial cybersecurity professionals.  A panel of digital transformation and industrial cybersecurity leaders will discuss specific needs and solution strategies that can be followed to overcome the current situation.  Attendees will be invited to offer their input and discuss their own issues and concerns. 

Participation in this workshop will be of benefit to owner-operators, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the security of digital transformation programs.​

Monday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 3 (Oceans 12)