ICS/OT Cybersecurity Standards and Guidelines

Improving the cybersecurity of industrial control and other operational technology (OT) systems has been a subject of focus for many years. While awareness of the challenges has increased, the threat and vulnerability components or risk continue to evolve with new information emerging on a regular basis.  There are several standards, practices, and guidelines that are successfully being used by industrial organizations around the globe.  Some are sector specific while others have a broader scope of application.  Asset owners still require practical guidance in how to apply the standards and guidelines that are available.  New challenges, like digital transformation, require continuous refinements and extensions. 

The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the current state of industrial cybersecurity standards and new developments occurring in this critical area.  Presenters will describe some of these developments and explain how they can be applied to the problem. This will be followed by a dialog between speakers, panelists, and the audience.  Attendees will be encouraged to describe their own issues or concerns. ​

Monday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)