Industrial IoT Cybersecurity Trends

Security is a key enabler of every digital transformation initiative.  Insecure devices can create new entry points for attacks and insecure connectivity can expand attacker access to confidential information and critical control systems.

Ensuring the security of IoT devices and their deployments is essential.  Secure-by-design devices are necessary, but not enough.  Security needs to be addressed throughout the complex supply chains involved in the development and deployment of IoT devices in end user facilities.   This includes technology providers, OEMs of smart assets, distributors, implementers, and IoT platform providers.  Security must also be sustained throughout an IoT device's operating lifetime.

This session will begin with brief presentations by experts about the state of industrial IoT security and resources available to help end users address this challenging issue.  An open panel discussion will follow where attendees can offer their input and discuss their own issues and concerns.

This information will be of benefit to owner-operators, IoT device suppliers, OEMs of smart assets, cybersecurity solution providers, and researchers involved with the cybersecurity of industrial systems and critical infrastructure.

Monday PM
S3: 2 PM Track 4 (Oceans 11)