Industrial IoT Edge Success Stories

This session will showcase stories of manufacturing end users who have successfully deployed useful edge capabilities.  Mo Moore of INS will discuss manufacturers' biggest nemesis - unscheduled downtime - and how digital transformation and the industrial edge can be used to reduce or eliminate it.  The presentation will focus on how digital transformation drives change, the essential elements for success with digital transformation, how the industrial edge is a key element in your digital transformation implementation, key architectural principles and options, requirements for successful edge implementation, and examples of edge-based digital transformation in action.

Stuart Laval of Duke Energy will present their current edge strategy.  Duke and a set of corporate partners have been working on a technology known as an Open Field Message Bus, or OpenFMB.  This standard allows smart meters, solar inverters, battery controllers, distribution grid control systems and communications network nodes to use their on-board computing power to solve edge-of-grid problems that requires responses that are too fast for centralized grid control systems to manage.  Centralized utility control systems can’t communicate and process this edge-of-network data fast enough to coordinate responses for distributed energy resources (DERs). But if they’re able to share the data processing and decision-making tasks at the edge, then they can — if they can be secure and reliable enough to be trusted to do the tasks.

Luis Sancho Gómez of ILBOC (Iberian Lube Base Oils Company) will present on a program for new wireless steam trap monitoring and analytics involving over 900 wireless measurements.  This initiative received the 2019 ISA100 Wireless Excellence in Automation Award​​.

Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 5 (Oceans 10)