Keynote and Executive Panel: Implementing and Sustaining Transformational Change

Digital transformation provides the pathway to success for industrial, infrastructure, and smart city organizations.  Yet, mistakes, false starts, and dead-end investments are all too common.  How are leading industrial companies successfully implementing and sustaining transformational change?

This General Session begins with our keynote speaker, Andrew Obin of Bank of America.  As a recognized expert in stock picking and industrial valuation, Andrew will share Wall Street's view of digital transformation.  In doing so, he will discuss how both solution providers and technology end users are perceived in terms of their ability to change, where investment is made and why, and what short-and long-term success​ looks like.  

Following the keynote, join our panel of manufacturing executives as they discuss how they've addressed key challenges in digital transformation.  Panelists will cover issues such as developing a vision and strategy, gaining executive buy in, overcoming scalability challenges, finding the right technology approach, and addressing skills and knowledge gaps.

To build on the theme, executives from this panel will also lead sessions later in the day, together with ARC, that explore some of these issues in greater detail. These sessions and topics will be:

Wednesday AM
S1: 8:30 AM General (Oceans 5-8)