Winning the Scalability Battle

This end user led session will follow up on the morning's keynote panel by further exploring the struggles related to implementing digital technologies at scale.

More than ever, manufacturers must quickly adapt and respond as markets, technologies, ecosystems, and competitors change.  To do so, they have dialed up their efforts about how to leverage the vast amounts of data at their disposal to help address their business challenges in new, innovative ways.  Yet, many companies greatly struggle to understand, pilot, and then scale digital solutions.  At a time when organizations are emphasizing digital transformation execution and scalability, what factors separate those who succeed from those who struggle?

Join your peers to learn how they are tackling key issues related to scalability.  Topics discussed will include identifying and prioritizing projects, justifying a return on investment, investing effectively, and working with solution providers.​

Wednesday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)