GE Appliances’ High-Speed Upgrade of Its Digital Supply Chain

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, GE Appliances was carrying out a digital upgrade of its supply chain. The company was in the process of building a robust Control Tower - using applications and technology from Blue Yonder - to provide real-time visibility and be able to respond to disruption with greater agility. But the company had not built out the complete solution and were not able to check stock levels at company distribution centers, track shipments from manufacturing plants, or anticipate disruptions that could slow customer deliveries. Instead of pausing the program and using traditional methods to cope, the company accelerated this digital initiative. Now the digital capabilities help GE Appliances  navigate its global parts supply chain: anticipating disruptions in its supply chain execution and boosting output by 20%.  In this panel discussion, Kent Suiters, Executive Director, Lean Enterprise of GE Appliances​, and Hong Mo Yang, SVP and GM, Manufacturing Sector of Blue Yonder, will examine the journey, hurdles, and benefits.

Session 3a: 3:30