HWI Unleashes Continuous Innovation

For over 150 years, HarbisonWalker International (HWI) has brought passion to serve a wide variety of industries.  With a global network of 15+ plants, 20+ sourcing centers, technology facilities on two continents, mergers and a new highly automated plant, they felt constrained by a patchwork of legacy systems, manual overrides, and little coordination across business units.  They needed better visibility and automation to respond to a changing industry, and a streamlined data model to synchronize growth efforts.  They began a journey with Oracle Fusion Cloud to holistically support their unique manufacturing and operational needs.  Today, this unified digital approach has created a platform for market differentiation and innovation, even in the face of the pandemic.  We will be joined on this panel by HWI's Josh Stauffer - Senior Director IT - and David Elias - Vice President of Supply Chain.  We will also be joined by John Barcus, a Group Vice President at Oracle.

S1a: 11:00 AM