World’s Fifth Fastest Growing Retailer Automates Planning

A101 is the fifth fastest growing retail company in the world, with 10,000 company owned stores and 48 regional distribution centers and one E-commerce fulfillment center.  A101 started their digital transformation of supply chain planning with Solvoyo when they reached 1,800 stores and since then they have been using Solvoyo's Demand Driven Replenishment Planning platform for forecasting, inventory management, store replenishment DC-purchasing.   A101 has embraced management by exception philosophy and store managers are allowed very limited overrides.  Prior to Covid-19, user acceptance rate of system recommendations has been as high as 99%.  During the pandemic, the company leveraged analytics and the digital backbone in detecting and managing the sudden changes and was quick to secure replenishment from suppliers so while they experienced 50% sales increase in some categories, they managed to avoid major stock-outs. 

In this session, we will discuss with Erkan Ceritoglu, Managing Director in charge of supply chain at A101,  how technology helped them grow and how it helped them manage the recent demand shifts and supply challenges during the pandemic.  Mr. Ceritoglu will be joined on the panel by Asena Denizeri, the Head of Retail Planning at Solvoyo.

S1: 10:00 AM