Digital Transformation: It's All About the Data and User Experience!

The biggest challenge and driver for digital transformation (DT) and smart manufacturing and operations innovation is making sense of data. And DT is all about the data.  It’s about real-time information and data that enables innovative and actionable decision-making. It’s about using technologies in new ways that empower the user experience and collaboration.  Many manufacturers and operations are accelerating their digital transformation journey with new technologies that make data more intuitive for workers.  Production and operation data platform technologies that contextualize the data and incorporate auto functionality and ease of use – features that are important to adoption and User Experience (UI). 

This session will focus on human-centric industrial data platform technologies and user experience and how different manufacturers and operations from different industries are leveraging technologies and accelerating their digital transformation using data.  

Attendees will learn:

  • How companies are transforming data to optimize the user experience
  • How low code/no code platforms and enterprise historians are changing the landscape
  • How user experience and intuitive digital dashboards can improve productivity and transform the workforce
  • How adoption, ease of use, auto and more autonomous functionality, and user experience can lead to DT benefits
  • The benefits users are gaining from newer data platforms and historians 
Wednesday PM
S4: 4 PM Track 5 (Oceans 10)