Game Changing Technologies: Accelerating Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is about using technologies to re-imagine operations and products in new innovative ways that bring new processes, operational excellence, and value to the organization. Many manufacturers have accelerated their digital transformation journey with new technologies such as production or operations management, analytics, and energy management software,  cloud, data lakes, and other software applications in production with more auto functionality that is within view of an autonomous future that is connected and improves the user experience and the worker's ability to make data-driven insights and predict the future. It’s about optimizing processes with positive business outcome. 

Join this session to see how different manufacturers from different industries and operations are leveraging analytics and production technologies to accelerate digital transformation using newer DT technologies.  Attendees will learn:

  • How newer production management technologies are transforming production management as a catalyst for the digital transformation strategy
  • How digital tools are transforming, impacting, and benefiting production and operations
  • How newer technologies are empowering workers
  • How users are implementing newer digital manufacturing applications and the resulting benefits  
Thursday AM
S1: 8:30 AM Track 4 (Oceans 11)