New Security Strategies for Digitalized Operations

Industrial companies have enormous investments in plant equipment and people. ROI demands that they continuously improve performance and reduce costs.  This never-ending quest for operational excellence is spawning a wide range of new business strategies and process reengineering efforts to improve safety, operational agility, and product quality.  These efforts leverage a variety of new developments like cloud computing, edge computing, IoT, machine learning, asset performance management, digital twins, and augmented reality to drive performance to even higher levels. 

These transformative programs are driving significant benefits, but they also create new cyber risks and challenges for OT security teams.  Traditional, isolation-focused OT cybersecurity strategies are being undermined with the explosion in connectivity and new devices.  OT security teams need new strategies to ensure that critical, legacy plant assets remain secure. 

This workshop session will help attendees understand the challenges and the approaches that companies are using to manage the proliferation of new security issues. A panel of OT security experts will share their insights about the issues and the strategies their companies are adopting to address the problems.   Session attendees will also have an opportunity to raise their own issues and experiences. 

Participation in this workshop will be of benefit to owner-operators, security professionals, suppliers, and other stakeholders who are involved in enabling secure digitalization of industrial operations.

Monday AM
S2: 10:30 AM Tracks 3 & 4 (Oceans 12 & 11)