Supply Chain Disruption and Digital Transformation

Supply chain disruptions are part of life, and always have been. However, the last two-plus years has seen more disruption as global economies and supply chains have become more digital in nature. The ongoing Covid pandemic, coupled with changing geopolitical tensions (trade wars, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, etc.), has created increasing uncertainty in the supply chain. These disruptions impact every aspect of the global supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to delivering products to the end consumer.

Supply chain is cementing itself as a core strategic issue at the leadership level and becoming a key differentiator for many companies. As disruptions occur, resiliency and adaptability can mean the difference in success and failure which puts added strain on what continues to be limited resources (from the workforce to raw materials). How is this impacting investment and business processes across the organization, and how do companies envision their supply chain of the future?

Wednesday AM
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