Autonomous Operations - Discussing the Reasons and the Reality (End user-only)

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Event Location Online @11 AM ET
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The recent pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies to de-staff facilities yet maintain production. As a result, end users reticent to deploy such technologies previously quickly pivoted in their implementation automation plans as part of an overall Digital Transformation strategy. Autonomous operations requires a holistic approach and proper strategy. The panelists will engage in discussion with the audience their experiences on moving facilities toward autonomous operations.

This session will explore the thought process and strategies of companies as they navigated what autonomous means for them and what lessons they have learned so far in their journey towards the Autonomous Plant.

Attendees can expect to learn: 

  • What are the justifications? 
  • What are the realities? 
  • What obstacles were met and overcome?

Panelists include:

Robert Tulalian
IDTM Automation & Control, Shell

Danilo de Faria
Global Digital Manufacturing Lead

Keith Dicharry
NA Director, Automation, Controls, & Electrical – Principal Expert

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