Deploying Drones for Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability

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Event Location Online @1130 AM India Time | 2 PM Singapore Time
Event Type DTC Member Meeting
ARC Participation ARC Event
ARC Participants Bob Gill G. Ganapathiraman

Drone technology has undoubtedly transformed many industries and the oil & gas industry is no exception. Petronas, the Malaysian national oil & gas company has been using drones primarily for inspection and surveillance and is embarking on other use cases to benefit its operations in terms of efficiency, safety, and sustainability. In this webinar, Petronas speakers will share the benefits and challenges in deploying drone technology and discuss enablers such as regulatory and governance, technology robustness, and supporting infrastructure, which all need to be considered for successful deployment.

Guest Speakers:

Mohd Kamil Mohd Arshad, Principal Engineer, Instrument & Control, Petronas

Shukor Mahat, Principal, Process Safety, Petronas

Hozay Hafiz, Manager, DroneCentre, Petronas