How to Unlock Supply Chain Profitability by Aligning Functions Holistically

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Event Location Online @ 10:45 AM ET | 16.00 CET
Event Type Webinar
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ARC Participants Florian Güldner

Amidst rampant port congestions and global supply chain bottlenecks, businesses need to be able to respond to demand signal changes sooner so that they may optimize purchasing and production activities on time across the value chain. However, supply chain leaders constantly struggle to collaborate effectively across functions due to a lack of end-to-end insight into ensuring the right goods continue to flow smoothly while reducing and eliminating the ones that make minimal financial sense. 

In this upcoming webinar, you will hear and gain practical insights from leading supply chain experts Florian Gueldner, Lead Analyst and Managing Director, ARC Advisory Group Europe and Ali Raza, Founder and CEO ThroughPut Inc, in an interactive discussion about:

  • Overview by ARC Advisory Group: 2023 Supply Chain Landscape
  • The Supply Chain Disconnect: Functional vs. Holistic
  • How to Eliminate Silos and Prioritize Supply Chain Initiatives for 2023
  • ThroughPut.AI’s Case Study
  • Q&A