Industrial Operations Need Mature OT Cybersecurity

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Event Location Online @11 AM ET
Event Type Webinar
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ARC Participants Sid Snitkin

As cyber threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, organizations must improve their cybersecurity practices to protect their industrial and digital assets and take a proactive and agile approach to defense and mitigation.

Based on a recent ARC Advisory Group whitepaper, this webinar will address the report’s key message on the need for mature cybersecurity for industrial organizations, highlighting the complexity of regulations such as NIST, NIS2, ISA and IEC. It will also discuss the key components of a mature operational technology (OT) cybersecurity strategy and best practices, the convergence of IT and OT and the key drivers for cybersecurity investment.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cybersecurity Complexity: Explore the intricacies of improving protections against cyber threats, with obstacles posed by regulatory frameworks like NIST, NIS2, ISA and IEC in the era of IT-OT convergence and gain insights into the challenges unique to industrial systems.
  2. Critical Considerations for Cybersecurity Investment: Delve into key considerations for investing in OT cybersecurity, including endpoint protection, network security solutions, secure connectivity, and vulnerability and threat management.
  3. The Benefits of Mature OT Cybersecurity: Learn about current cybersecurity trends from ARC analysts and Honeywell OT professionals and discover the benefits of mature OT cybersecurity, including enhanced operational security, regulatory compliance, business continuity and workforce development.

Register now to stay proactive and flexible in defending your assets and gain valuable insights into effective cybersecurity practices and Honeywell’s role in securing industrial operations.