Innovation Summit Las Vegas 2022

End Date
Event Location Las Vegas, NV
Event Type Conference
ARC Participation ARC Will Speak
ARC Participants Craig Resnick Jim Frazer

The Worlds of IT and OT Have Converged: A Call for Leadership and Innovation
October 12, 2:45 PM

Every industry wants to digitize. Every building and factory can be smart. Every C-Level executive is thinking about the convergence of IT and OT, and what its impact means.

But who's in charge of implementing digitization? And how do we deal with the issues coming from connecting two very different worlds? Fortunately, there’s a successful blueprint for the data center industry — and survivors are ready to share their stories. During this panel, you’ll hear how industry-leading companies began IT/OT convergence journeys, and how they overcame hurdles along the way.