Making Sense of Wireless Options for Mobile Industrial Applications

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Event Location Online @11 AM ET
Event Type DTC Webinar
ARC Participation ARC Event

Companies are increasingly using wireless to connect mission-critical equipment in remote and mobile environments. Use cases such as autonomous mining vehicles, gantries in a port and passenger cars on a train produce vast amounts of data and require stable and reliable connectivity. However, with a wealth of different wireless technologies, pairing the right connection type with the use case is critical.

Join the ARC Advisory Group, Cisco and industry experts as we demystify the wireless landscape. This focused, one hour session will cover:
- Aligning your use cases with the appropriate wireless option
- An assessment of high-bandwidth, mobility-centric mesh network options
- Key deployment considerations and common missteps in the field
- Case studies of high bandwidth, ultra-reliable, low-latency deployments

Umberto Malesci, Cisco
Angelo Abagnale, Hitachi
Josh MacKinnon, BAI Communications
Chantal Polsonetti, ARC Advisory Group