ARC Webinar Videos

Title Presenters
Future Automation Architectures David Humphrey
Hydrogen Generation Thomas Menze, Constanze Schmitz
Asset Management in Machine Building Florian Gueldner
Business Cycle and COVID Update / Market Update Florian Gueldner
Understanding the Industrial Edge David Humphrey
Industrial 5G: A Real Game Changer for Industrial IoT David Humphrey, Naresh Surepelly
Scenarios of Impact of Corona Virus on Automation Markets and Supply Chains Florian Gueldner, David Humphrey
Sensors for the Age of Industrial IoT Florian Gueldner, Naresh Surepelly
North American Railways Muhammad Wasay Rashid
Asset Performance Management Best Practices Valentijn de Leeuw
Business Models in the Age of IIoT Florian Gueldner, Guneet Singh Bedi of relayr
Industrial Cybersecurity: Status Quo and Trends Thomas Menze
OPC UA, TSN, and the Future of Industrial Networks David Humphrey, Frank Thomas
ARC Country Market Analysis Reports David Humphrey, Florian Gueldner, Stefan Miksch
Global Machine Building Market View and Trends Stefan Miksch
Real-time Process Analyzers Constanze Schmitz
Edge Computing and IPCs in Manufacturing Fabian Wanke
A Business Cycle Update  - CapEx, Machinery, and Automation Wendy Harding, Florian Gueldner
Cloud-based Software and Services Florian Gueldner, David Humphrey
Vermeiden Sie Ausfallzeiten David Humphrey, Fabian Wanke
Ulrich Lenz of Stratus Technologies
Automation Services Along the Lifecycle Florian Gueldner
Security:  Megatrends and Technologies Florian Gueldner
Robotics:  Megatrends and Technologies Stefan Miksch
Demographic Change and Mobility:  Megatrends and Technologies Florian Gueldner
Industrial Process Analytics - Predicting Process Events Peter Reynolds, Hans De Leenheer of TrendMiner
Impact of Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT on Operations Management Valentijn de Leeuw
Developments and Trends in the Automation Market Thomas Menze, Florian Gueldner
Machinery:  Outlook, Trends, Machine Safeguarding, and Energy Management Thomas Menze, Florian Gueldner
Industrie 4.0, Big Data, and Their Impact on Manufacturing Industries David Humphrey