What Is a 3D Scanning System ?

A 3D scanning system includes the control system hardware, software, and services for 3D scanning systems, such as laser scanning hardware, structured light hardware, point cloud rendering software for human-readable visualization, interpretation, as well as analysis of scan data, CAD software
plugins for importing point cloud data and services for maintenance, support, and implementation.

3D Scanning is the process of analyzing an object or environment to collect data about its shape and appearance and construct digital 3D models. 

ARC analysis covers the 3D scanning hardware, software, and services market for laser and structured light technologies. To be considered, a product must either generate or, in the case of software, process dense 3D point cloud data. For this reason, tools such as laser trackers and other devices that use similar range-finding and positioning technology but do not produce dense point clouds are not included in ARC's analysis.

ARC further segments into short-, medium-, and long-range scanner capabilities. Scan distances across these segments range from less than one meter to several kilometers. The product functions in each range segment are designed to meet specific requirements in a specific class of applications. Accordingly, each market segment has developed its own ecosystem of users, suppliers, and service providers

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