What Is Additive Manufacturing ?

Additive Manufacturing (AM), often referred to as 3D printing, is defined as a manufacturing process that creates a three-dimensional object by adding layer upon layer of material. This contrasts with traditional subtractive manufacturing.

The additive manufacturing ecosystem has reached a pivotal point of opportunity with the intersection of today’s global challenges and advancement of technologies. Quality is increasing, build times are getting faster, material choices more plentiful, and design tools more robust. These positive developments have led to use cases well beyond prototyping.

Use cases are defined by the value they create, including new products, operational efficiencies, and enhanced customer services. Additive manufacturing use cases beyond prototyping include, but are not limited to, parts for new products, parts for aftermarket, jigs fixtures, molds and tools, and medical devices.

ARC analysts possess strategic insight into additive manufacturing systems for industrial manufacturing industries. This includes quantitative assessments and five-year forecasts of the additive manufacturing space, as well as discussions about the key trends impacting individual world regions and industries.

Global socioeconomic and technology trends directly impact industrial operations in various industries seeking to innovate with new manufacturing solutions to meet goals relating to efficiency, productivity, Additive Manufacturingsustainability, and production costs for their product to be competitive in global markets. Data and insights have an important strategic value to both end users and suppliers of additive manufacturing systems. ARC’s research and analysts help both end users and suppliers for strategic planning.

ARC Advisory Group addresses the global market for industrial-grade additive manufacturing (AM) systems, and the primary segmentation we cover is hardware, software, and services. The former representing the sale of 3D printers and the latter encompassing revenue from the training, maintenance, sale of materials, and custom-manufactured parts.

ARC’s focus is on companies that manufacture 3D printers and their respective materials and services. ARC analysts do not cover businesses that only provide services, software, and materials without a printer, but they are acknowledged, since their role is of growing importance as part of the additive manufacturing ecosystem.

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