Operational Excellence (OpX) Concept

operational-excellence-model-transp-300px.gifOperational Excellence is a rational process for achieving competitive advantage. OpX Drives the enterprise to "Consistently Do the Right Things Well".

ARC's Operational Excellence (OpX) model is a rational process for companies to improve their performance and gain competitive advantage in their markets.  OpX reflects the principles of continuous improvement embodied in methodologies such as Six Sigma.  OpX goes beyond such internally-focused programs, however, and recognizes the critical importance of looking outside of the organization to identify those issues that are critical to customers.

Why Operational Excellence (OpX)?

OpX drives performance levels that really change the company's competitive position in the marketplace.  In today's dynamic business environment, it is very difficult to predict what your competition will do next.  OpX looks beyond competitors for drivers based on customers.  It helps your organization challenge itself and achieve its optimum potential.  OpX helps companies focus their efforts at establishing winning Best Practices and a core competitive advantage.

How Can ARC Help?

ARC provides strategic advice and consulting to help you lead your organization to their next level of operational excellence.  ARC has written numerous reports concerning the application of OpX to manufacturing activities.  Areas involved have included sourcing, making and delivering products, as well as management of the company's own, internal assets.  Your programs for operational excellence, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and cost improvement will be more successful with support from ARC's knowledgeable analysts..