ARC has been providing market research on the industrial cybersecurity for many years. Here are some insights with embedded podcasts and videos on emerging technologies, practices, and processes for enhancing cybersecurity in industrial operations.


Jim Frazer — Technology Trends

The Dramatic Impacts of First Principle Chemistry

A recent discussion with Lisa Williams of OLI Systems and ARC’s Jim Frazer explored the expanding details of first principle chemistry and its applications in plant operations.
Larry O'Brien — Technology Trends

ARC Cybersecurity Podcast with OPC Foundation

In this episode, we speak to Randy Armstrong, director of IT operations at the OPC Foundation. OPC has a very solid cybersecurity foundation and Randy has been at the center of this for some time, giving us an excellent summary of the many different layers of cybersecurity within OPC UA.
Thomas Menze — Technology Trends

ICS@EIF 2021: ICS Cybersecurity and Safety

In this series of blogs, we are presenting you with the highlights from our ARC Industry Forum Europe 2021, and this one highlights ICS Cybersecurity and Safety
Larry O'Brien — Technology Trends

Leading Power Producer Achieves OT Cybersecurity Compliance & Reliability with Verve Industrial

From the 2021 ARC Industry Forum: Mark Prince of Entergy talks about how they were able to achieve more efficient and effective OT cybersecurity compliance with NERC CIP, as well as increased reliability in operations. This presentation provides a great overview of the challenges faced by power producers in complying with NERC CIP cybersecurity regulations and provides insight into Entergy's business objectives and supplier selection process for OT cybersecurity. Mark discusses Entergy's implementation of solutions from Verve Industrial to provide a centralized, vendor-agnostic environment and an integrated security platform that encompasses anomaly and breach detection, SIEM, endpoint management, device inventory, and other functions.