ARC Advisory Group Chosen as Strategic Advisor for Largest Renewable Fuels Complex in North America

ARC Advisory Group is proud to announce that it has been selected by Gron Fuels, LLC (“Grön Fuels”) as a strategic advisor providing consulting services and guidance in the strategy and selection of enterprise software and automation technology for North America's largest renewable fuels production facility to be constructed at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Rendering of the Planned Grön Fuels GigaSystem™ Renewable Fuels ComplexThe Grön Fuels GigaSystem™ is a subsidiary of Fidelis New Energy, LLC (“Fidelis”), and includes a 65,000 barrel per day sustainable aviation fuel (“SAF”) and renewable diesel (“RD”) plant serving global offtake customers in need of low and/or carbon negative transportation fuels. The GigaSystem is designed to use all traditional renewable feedstocks, including fats, oils, and greases, as well as emerging feedstocks such as algae oil and cover crops. The Grön Fuels GigaSystem includes carbon capture and sequestration (“CCS”) and a carbon negative biomass power with carbon capture and sequestration (“BECCS”) facility. that further reduces the carbon intensity of the SAF and RD produced from all feedstocks. The integrated use of proven technologies enables carbon negative renewable fuel production. The plant is expected to start production in 2025.

Fidelis New Energy retained ARC Advisory Group (“ARC”) to propose, select, and document an overall technology framework for the project stakeholders to guide the design, construction, commissioning, start up, operations, and maintenance of the Grön Fuels GigaSystem. The scope of this framework includes the core systems and differentiating technologies that should be considered for a modern digitalized production facility including best practices for the business operations and workforce requirements. Based on ARC’s in-depth knowledge of industrial vendor ecosystems, ARC Advisory Group provided an assessment of the potential vendors from plant automation systems through to the enterprise financial systems and the pairing of technology, products, and services.

John Plumlee, Chief Project Officer of Fidelis New Energy, stated that "Our Grön Fuels GigaSystem that includes the Grön Fuels SAF & RD plant, CCS, and BECCS uses only proven technologies from leading global companies to produce the lowest carbon intensity SAF and RD from all traditional and emerging feedstocks. Selecting ARC as our advisory service partner with the experience in best-practices and the industrial software and technology markets was vital to help us meet our ESG-centric objectives leveraging our proprietary ESG-centric development, design, engineering, and operating framework RACER™ that includes the evaluation of existing and future ESG attributes in addition to traditional business metrics such as return on capital."

Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst and Consultant with ARC Advisory Group, added, "The Grön Fuels project team has embraced the proven components of the “digital evolution” enabling them to achieve both their targeted financial as well as environmental performance and sustainability objectives. Digital enablement of new business models that receives a lot of their value through monetization of environmental attributes and finding new ways to both source feedstocks and ship Grön Fuels products globally are key capability for optimizing profitability in complex sustainable manufacturing of renewable fuels from a wide slate of renewable inputs.” 

The Fidelis RACER™ framework is an innovative market and project selection, development, investment, and operational framework that is utilized on all Fidelis projects. This framework is used in both the evaluation of investment opportunities for risks and returns and to help shape projects through early engagement with project stakeholders and partner during the development, delivery, and operations of transition infrastructure projects. Fidelis projects are expected to demonstrate economic value through the integration of an “environmental impact reduction” philosophy across the project lifecycle and supply chain from development to delivery and into operations. In the context of this report, the RACER™ framework aligns best practices and technologies. Digitalization plays a key role in ensuring progress in meeting sustainability objectives.
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About Fidelis New Energy
Fidelis New Energy is an energy transition company driving decarbonization through investments in renewable fuels, low or negative carbon intensity products, and carbon capture and storage.

The Fidelis approach builds upon our proprietary ESG centric RACER™ framework where we collaborate with a diverse set of industry experts to select attractive markets and projects, then work collaboratively and iteratively to improve environmental and financial performance by utilizing proven technologies from leading global providers.

Fidelis New Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information, visit

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