Data Center Switchgear Market Poised for Growth

New ARC Advisory Group research on the Data Center Switchgear market reveals that growth is closely linked to the growth in the hyperscale and edge data centers. An electrical switchgear refers to a centralized collection of circuit breakers, fuses, and switches (circuit protection devices) that function to protect, control, distribute, and isolate electrical equipment and are an integral part of overall data center power systems. The proliferation of edge computing and digitalization in the industrial space has led to data center infrastructure moving from a cleanroom space to customer location with more challenging environmental conditions. The need to collect data from the point of origin will gain momentum as companies choose to store data in micro and modular data centers for faster access.

"Smart devices in industrial markets and an increasing number of online content creators and consumers in the form of audio and video data are leading to the need for virtual technologies, such as cloud computing and digital services (Software-as-a-Service) with faster transmission rates and higher bandwidth suiting 5G deployment in data centers. An increasing number of data center installations, combined with increasing power requirements in existing facilities, is leading to higher standby power requirements in the market. Increasing use of cloud-based services leads to more hyperscale data center installations, leading to high-power and higher requirements for medium voltage (MV) switchgear," according to Sandeep Mukunda, Market Analyst and key author of ARC's Data Center Switchgears Market Research Report.

Data Center Switchgears Market Trends

In addition to providing detailed competitive market share data, the report also addresses key market trends as follows:

  • Edge/Micro Data Center and Modular Data Centers are Gaining Momentum 
  • COVID-19 Restrictions Driving Remote Operation and Digital Cloud Services

About the Data Center Switchgears Research

The Data Center Switchgear report is an emerging market analysis which explores current and future market performance and related technology and business trends. The report includes a comprehensive list of suppliers active in the market along with a select number of supplier profiles. This new research is based on ARC’s industry-leading market research database, extensive primary and secondary research, and proprietary economic modelling techniques. The research includes five-year market forecasts segmented by Revenue Category, World Region, Industry, and Voltage Range.

This new research is available as a Concise Market Analysis Report (PDF) which provides an executive-level summary of the current market dynamics, market forecasts, and competitive analysis, plus an overview of strategic issues.

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