Microgrid Automation Systems Selection

ARC performed a thorough market and technology research project for Microgrid Automation Systems.  The focus of this research was on the essential microgrid automation components, including battery storage, while excluding generation sources like wind turbines, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, or fossil-powered generator sets.  This Selection Guide will help focus on the challenges that organizations must overcome to select the appropriate automation systems specifically for Microgrid applications.

Microgrid Automation Systems Selection Overview

The selection guide explores how microgrids interact with distributed energy resources (DER), electrical loads, grid ties, grid operators and supervisory management, and optimization and analytics systems.  This guide helps you understand how grid scale energy storage acts to enable microgrids.  The increasingly lower cost of lithium battery technology and other grid energy storage devices along with more sophisticated inverters and charge controllers has made it much easier for microgrids to operate as an island and interact with larger grids and participate with peak load management, grid frequency control, power factor control, and other ancillary services.

ARC is well known for the detailed and accurate research on automation systems that it has been conducting for over two decades.  In the process, we have developed numerous reports and concepts that help organizations take control of their investments in capital equipment.  Our model for Microgrid Automation Systems selection is based on thorough analysis of not only technology, but also suppliers that provide product and services necessary in developing strategies to achieve better performance from capital asset investments.  It identifies the key lifecycle stages and the processes that must be managed to ensure success.  It also explains why critical interdependencies constrain performance and how collaboration and teamwork can be used to integrate activities and fully exploit the capabilities of a rich ecosystem of external stakeholders.

Microgrid Automation Systems Selection Strategic Issues

Microgrids on the Distribution GridThis selection guide explores user objectives, business justification, application scope, selection criteria, and helps answer key selection questions. We understand the challenge in selecting and implementing a solution.  These include:

  • Microgrids on the Distribution Grid
  • Key microgrid automation system functions
  • Microgrid components that meet standards
  • Breadth and depth of suppliers’ applications
  • Support and training
  • Understanding the total cost of ownership
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Identify long term visions
  • Cybersecurity impact on microgrids

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select an migration automation systems solution for the future.

Table of Contents


  • Topline Summary
  • Major Trends
  • Regional Markets
  • Application Trends
  • End User Trends
  • Leading Suppliers

Strategies for Buyers

Scope of Research

  • Industry Structure
  • Key Application Segments

Technology Evaluation and Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Key Criteria Analysis
  • Fact-based Selection Process
  • Integration
  • Migration and Upgrades
  • Product and Technology
  • Security
  • Services and Support
    • Lifecycle Services
    • Project Services
  • Supplier Business Scope
    • Commercial
    • General

Leading Supplier Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
  • Market Shares by Revenue Category
  • Market Shares by Hardware Type
  • Market Shares by Software Type
  • Market Shares by Service Type
  • Market Shares by Facility Type
  • Market Shares by Power Source
    • Battery
    • Biofuel
    • Diesel
    • Hydro
    • Natural Gas
    • Solar CSP
    • Solar PV
    • Wind
  • Market Shares by Grid Size
  • Market Shares by Project Size
  • Market Shares by Customer Type
  • Market Shares by Sales Channel

Leading Supplier Profiles

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