Oilfield Drilling Optimization Systems Selection

ARC has been conducting research related to oil & gas technology for over two decades.  Recently ARC conducted detailed research specifically for Oilfield Drilling Optimization Systems (ODOS).  Based on this research, ARC analysts have developed a comprehensive set of criteria to help you select the best oilfield drilling optimization systems available in the market.  All of these can benefit from oilfield drilling optimization.

Oilfield Drilling Optimization for Oil & Gas Production Enhancement

Based on most industry sources, there are over 1,150,000 onshore and offshore platform oil & gas wells operating across the world today, and on average there are over 100,000 new wells drilled annually.  Data analysis shows there were over 4,400 operational subsea wells and another 6,400-plus wells can be developed in the coming years.  Analysis also shows there were almost 10,000 operational offshore platforms and another 2,000 platforms can be developed in the coming years.  There are hundreds of thousands of wells operating onshore, and tens of thousands more will be coming online annually through the foreseeable future.

Common Types of Drilling Rigs

The deployment of drilling optimization systems is critical to ensuring owner-operators, independent E&P players, and drilling contractors can maximize their rate of penetration and speed to first oil, improve recovery rates in both new and mature wells, and open up production on a broader array of well types and application locations, including subsea, offshore, and onshore.  Selecting the right drilling optimization systems requires detailed analysis and understanding of potential suppliers’ technology, services, as well as their overall business practices and outlook. 

ARC has been researching the oil & gas market for over two decades and we know the issues:

  • Understanding the total cost of ownership for OEMs and end users
  • Designs for maximum reliability
  • Breadth and depth of supplier’s applications and related operations solutions
  • Support, training, and spares
  • Compatibility with current installed assets and other technology
  • Architecture integration based on standards
  • Integration with IIoT strategies and business systems
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Identify long term visions

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select the oilfield drilling optimization system for the future.

Table of Contents


  • Topline Summary
  • Major Trends
  • Regional Markets
  • Shipments by Industry Segment
  • Shipments by ODOS Type
  • Application Trends
  • End User Trends
  • Leading Suppliers

Strategies for Buyers

Scope of Research

  • Industry Structure
  • Key Application Segments

Technology and Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Key Criteria Analysis
  • Fact-based Selection Process
  • Consider Best Practices by Suppliers
  • Selection Process Tools Available

Market Shares Analysis

Leading Suppliers

  • Top Suppliers by Region
  • Top Suppliers by Hardware, Software, and Services
  • Top Suppliers by ODOS Application
  • Top Suppliers by System Type

Market Forecast Analysis

  • Shipments by World Regions
  • Shipments by ODOS Segmentation
  • Factors Contributing to Adoption
  • Factors Inhibiting Adoption

Major Suppliers

Related Market Analysis Workbook

Market Share Figures

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Representative End User Clients