Real-time & Predictive Analytics Solutions

This Selection Guide provides both selection criteria and strategies to help you select the right Real-time Analytics Solutions for your plant and business data analysis.


Business today is driven by data.  Organizations collect information about everything that affects their business, including customers, suppliers, operations, and competitors.  Not surprisingly, CEOs expect this to drive better decision making, enhance market position, and increase profits.

Research shows that analytics, which is the use of analysis, data, and systematic reasoning to make decisions, can reduce costs, increase efficiency, drive higher performance, etc.  These benefits have been demonstrated across a broad spectrum of industries and use cases.  Evidence also shows that analytics can be used by people across the organization to improve performance and operational, tactical, and strategic decision making.  To achieve these goals, organizations need to embrace analytical thinking and provide people with the tools they need to leverage data in all of their work processes.

analytic-questions-capabilities-325px-wtitle.jpgBusiness analytics, business intelligence, operational intelligence, and manufacturing intelligence are popular terms for a variety of solutions that can help organizations leverage their data collection investments across the enterprise.  Solution providers are also embedding analytics in applications to support local user needs.  Analytics can even be found within basic office tools like Excel and collaborative platforms like Sharepoint.  Capabilities vary significantly across and within these categories, as do the skills required to apply the tools.

Which of these solutions is right for your organization?  How do they differ?  How are they the same?  What analytics capabilities are critical for your business?  How can you develop an effective enterprise analytics IT strategy and avoid proliferation of disjointed silo efforts?

Real-time & Predictive Analytics Strategic Issues

ARC has been researching industrial software for over 25 years and we understand the challenges that organizations have to overcome.  We know where they need additional insight and the features that analytics solutions need to be fit for this purpose.  This includes:

  • Pre-built connectors for key operational applications
  • Contextualization of data with critical operational parameters
  • Real-time processing with alerts, alarms, and actions
  • Historical data management for fast retrieval and analysis
  • Portal support for all operating groups
  • Basic and advanced analytics for performance management and continuous improvement

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select an Analytics Solution for the future.

Real-time & Predictive Analytics Selection Guide Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Major Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Regional Trends
  • Strategies for Success


Partial List of Selection Criteria Topics

  • Business Goals
  • Solution Functions & Features
    • Architecture
    • Basic Featurs
    • Advanced Features
  • Service Requirements
    • Project
    • Lifecycle

Leading Supplier Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
  • Market Shares by Customer Type
  • Market Shares by Application
  • Market Shares by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

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