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This Week in Logistics News (May 20 -26)

1 day 2 hours ago
As I work to finish up my latest Transportation Management Systems Market Study, one thing is becoming clear: the cloud is in. This applies to basically all software applications these days as more and more suppliers are offering cloud solutions, and more and more customers are demanding them. For my latest study, cloud revenues have soared past those of on-premise solutions. This wasn’t always a given, as a lot of customers were wary about shifting […]
Chris Cunnane

GTM Research Update: Merchandise Trade Analysis

3 days 4 hours ago
In March I provided a brief overview of the global trade management (GTM) solutions market and discussed some of the factors that encourage companies to invest in these solutions. There are a few “independent variables” that can explain GTM sales. Among them are regulation and compliance complexity, regulatory fine risks, supply chain complexity, and tariff costs. Public policy is a major determinant of trade tariffs and regulatory compliance risks. However, trade volumes affect total tariff […]
Clint Reiser

Walmart Fights Back Against Amazon

5 days 3 hours ago
Wall Street believes Amazon is winning the retail war with Walmart. Amazon’s market cap is twice that of Walmart, despite being a much smaller and less profitable company than Walmart. Wall Street values the growth of the ecommerce giant over the size and clout of the world’s largest retailer. In the last few years, Walmart has invested billions to up their multi-channel capabilities. Multi-channel involves the combination of stores and a web/ecommerce presence, the ability […]
Steve Banker

This Week in Logistics News

1 week 1 day ago
Over the weekend, there was a massive coordinated cyber-attack that hit more than 150 countries. The attack targeted businesses, hospitals, and government agencies, as well as personal computers. This was the worst computer worm- outbreak in more than a decade, as Europe’s police agency estimated at least 200,000 computers had been hit, while Chinese officials put the number at more than 1,000,000 worldwide. Files on affected computers were encrypted, and users were told to pay […]
Chris Cunnane

Taking Bytes of Logistics

1 week 2 days ago
Modern logistics is data-driven, and this concept is becoming essential to success in 2017. Take a look at the increasing geographic, political and price barriers to shipping in different parts of the world and the U.S., and you will notice an increased data-collecting presence For manufacturers, this means having more detailed, accurate forecasting models ready in real time. Consequently, for shippers the task of tracking product and information data across global supply chains, while balancing […]
Gary M. Barraco

Manhattan Momentum 2017 – A Quick Takeaway and Case Study

1 week 3 days ago
As Steve Banker mentioned in his post earlier this week, the two of us attended the Manhattan Associates user conference in Las Vegas last week. The theme of the conference was “active solutions for an active world.” It was a pretty fitting theme when you consider how active today’s supply chain and commerce environments are, and how rapidly they are shifting and changing. During the conference, Manhattan’s CEO Eddie Capel introduced the new product strategy […]
Chris Cunnane

Wall Street Believes Amazon is Winning the War with Walmart

1 week 3 days ago
Investors believe Amazon is winning the retail war with Walmart. Amazon’s market cap is twice that of Walmart’s. When it comes to retail, Walmart’s most important retail operations (Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club) are more than four and a half times larger than Amazon’s main retail operations (Amazon North America) and the operating income is almost nine and a half times that of Amazon. Investors clearly value growth over profitability. Amazon’s U.S. retail sales increased […]
Steve Banker

This Week in Logistics News (May 6 – 12)

2 weeks 1 day ago
It’s been busy around here. I spent the week in Las Vegas for the Manhattan Associates user conference. The conference theme was “active solutions for an active world.” And that is exactly what Manhattan showcased. While I will certainly have an in-depth write-up and a case study story to share later, I’ll leave you with a few points. First, Manhattan has launched a first of its kind “omni-channel as a service” offering. It’s a combination […]
Chris Cunnane

Global Trade Management in Today’s Contentious Political Environment

2 weeks 3 days ago
The political environment and public policy decisions are central determinants of global trade patterns. But political risk seems especially heightened in today’s international business environment. From the Brexit vote, to Trump’s trade renegotiation rhetoric, to Marine Le Pen’s promise of intelligent protectionism, there has been an undeniable trend of political intent to reexamine trade policies and free trade agreements. I am in the process of updating ARC’s Global Trade Management (GTM) market study and have […]
Clint Reiser

New Cartonization Technology Reduces Shipping Costs

2 weeks 4 days ago
Shippers surprised by unexpected dimensional weight fees The growth of eCommerce has put a premium on parcel carrier capacity.  In response, UPS and FedEx have continued to lower the bar for when they will apply dimensional weight rating to cartons, which means more shippers will pay more for cartons that are light relative to their size.   In response, shippers are looking for new ways to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage carton packing to either avoid […]
Bob Malley

3M Commits to Digitization

2 weeks 5 days ago
For 3M, a digital supply chain is about reducing friction, both internally and with partners and customers. And according to their Sr. VP of SCM, “Friction occurs at the connection points.” Digitization provides the information that allows different parties to get to a point where they can more efficiently work with each other.
Steve Banker

This Week in Logistics News (April 29 – May 5)

3 weeks 1 day ago
It has been an incredibly busy week. I am working on getting my latest Transportation Management Systems market study completed, while prepping to launch my annual omni-channel fulfillment survey, as well as an omni-channel order management market study. On top of that, it is conference season. Which means lots of travel. As I mentioned in my Wednesday article, I spent the beginning of the week in Chicago attending the BluJay Solutions user conference. I’ll be […]
Chris Cunnane

Takeaways from BluJay Solutions SOAR 2017

3 weeks 3 days ago
BluJay has launched a new product strategy that groups products into portfolios, rather than simply stand-alone products. The different product groups are part of the Global Trade Network (GTN), which encompasses 40,000 participants, including shippers, carriers, forwarders, and technology partners. BluJay CEO Doug Braun gave an overview of the GTN, and added that the goal is to add 50,000+ new members to make it more robust.
Chris Cunnane

JDA’s Exciting New Supply Chain Product Strategy

3 weeks 5 days ago
JDA is working toward providing off the shelf solutions that allow companies to use SNEW data - social media, news, event, and weather data – to improve their supply chain capabilities. In short, they are working to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) to improve supply chain management.
Steve Banker

This Week in Logistics News (April 22 – 28)

4 weeks 1 day ago
I remember being a kid and watching re-runs of the Jetsons – you know, the futuristic Flintstones. The show was set in a non-specific future utopia filled with robots, flying cars, and all sorts of other space-age contraptions. Every time I watched it, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful world. But it recently dawned on me that we are closer to living the life of the Jetsons than we even realize. Think about […]
Chris Cunnane

Why You Need Technology to Optimize Your Parcel Spend in a Constantly Changing World

1 month ago
Traditional parcel delivery business models have always revolved around the pricing and service level capabilities offered by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), DHL, FedEx, Purolator, or UPS–not necessarily around the changing needs of the shippers who purchase and use these services to meet their customer demands. As a shipper, you literally have to keep your eye on the pricing ball: Most of these large parcel providers are asset-based, have shareholders to report to and government […]
Jim Haller

Optimizing the Panama Canal’s Operations

1 month ago
The Panama Canal is quite the engineering feat, described by some as the eighth wonder of the world. It is especially interesting to those in supply chain and logistics, as it is a critical resource in support of today’s vast international trade. It is also a complex operation subject to high levels of traffic with numerous constraints that can impact many company’s supply chain schedule. Modern supply chain planning applications model complex planning and scheduling […]
Clint Reiser

An “Outside In” View of Your Supply Chain is Imperative

1 month ago
The best marketing executives have long worked to have an “outside in” view of their products. They want to understand how customers and potential customers think about their offerings. The supply chain profession needs to go much further to get to a similar level of maturity. New CaaS solutions can help.
Steve Banker
1 hour 31 minutes ago
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