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This Week in Logistics News (July 8 -14)

6 days 3 hours ago
A few weeks ago, I wrote about Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, and how it plays into its bigger rivalry with Walmart. New details have emerged about the acquisition, namely that Amazon beat out six other suitors to land Whole Foods. Whole Foods was initially approached by four private equity firms and two unnamed companies about an acquisition. The two unnamed companies were only identified as “Company X” and “Company Y,” with reports indicating that […]
Chris Cunnane

Top Reasons for Denied Party Screening

1 week ago
Although denied party screening (DPS) has been around for 25 years, several recent developments related to U.S. trade sanctions and cybersecurity may be contributing to the increased attention it is garnering on the world stage: Mega Fines: The huge fines for companies conducting business with denied or restricted parties are making headlines. In the U.S., the largest criminal fine in a sanctions case to date—$1.19 billion—was levied in March of this year. Strong on Security: […]
Ken Harris

Blue Apron and the Subscription Retail Supply Chain

1 week 1 day ago
The subscription retail model is not a new concept. The first basic model I can think of is a magazine subscription – a new magazine came every month unless you canceled your subscription. The first subscription service I used was Netflix, way back when the company only shipped DVD’s to your house. However, as the digital age took over, I moved over to the streaming format, and no longer have movies shipped to my house. […]
Chris Cunnane

This Week in Logistics News (July 1 – 7)

1 week 6 days ago
I hope everyone in the US had a happy 4th of July holiday. Earlier this week I learned a couple new fun facts about US Independence Day. First, I considered buying a US flag that had thirteen white stars on a blue background and 13 red and white stripes representing the 13 colonies that became the original 13 United States of America. I thought it would be appropriate to fly the original US flag on […]
Clint Reiser

How Free Trade Influences an Automotive Supply Chain

2 weeks 1 day ago
Production costs, transportation costs, and product quality are all primary considerations in corporate sourcing and production decisions. However, customs duties and other trade tariffs can also be critical inputs into these supply chain decisions, particularly when preferential treatment is an option. Trade duties and regulations vary by country and industry. And the automotive industry has the perfect combination of supply chain and customs complexity that makes the management of customs duties potentially rewarding, but also […]
Clint Reiser

This Week in Logistics News (June 24 – 30)

2 weeks 6 days ago
After weeks of seeing “last day of school” posts across social media, the day has finally come for me. And by me, I mean for my kids. In my quaint town just outside of Boston, we had a few more snow days than our neighbors. While my kids loved the extra sledding days at the time, they were certainly ready for school to come to an end. And now that school is officially out, it […]
Chris Cunnane

Supply Chain Planning Limitations and the Emergence of a New Paradigm

3 weeks ago
Every large global company has implemented enterprise planning systems to help keep their supply chains running, and research shows that billions of dollars are spent each year on upgrades and new implementations of these planning systems. So why does nearly every company still do much of their actual “planning” using offline spreadsheets or rely on small groups of data scientists to provide critical insight and business analysis?  Shouldn’t this be addressed by the expensive enterprise […]
Toby Brzoznowski

Amazon and Walmart: The Next Big Rivalry

3 weeks 1 day ago
Growing up in the greater Boston area, I’m quite familiar with rivalries. Rivalries are simply a way of life here. There’s Red Sox – Yankees, Lakers – Celtics, Bruins – Canadiens, Patriots – Roger Goodell, Space Savers – Non Space Savers during winter storms, Dunkin’ Donuts – Starbucks, Mike’s – Modern, and the list goes on. Over the last couple of months, another rivalry has been taking center stage though: Amazon – Walmart. Amazon has […]
Chris Cunnane

Airships – for Logistics?

3 weeks 2 days ago
Airships. Maybe it’s just me but whenever I hear that word it’s a grainy black & white newsreel of the Hindenburg spectacularly burning up over New Jersey in 1937 at the end of a transatlantic flight that centers in my mind. So I was intrigued when one of my fellow organizing committee members for the LogiSYM 2017 logistics and supply chain conference in Singapore proposed a session on the newest generation of airships and their […]
Bob Gill

This Week in Logistics News (June 17 – 23)

3 weeks 6 days ago
It’s been a busy week in the battle between Amazon and Walmart. Late last week, Amazon made a lot of noise with the announcement that it had agreed to acquire Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion in cash. This move is an obvious effort to bolster Amazon’s lagging grocery business, while hopefully making a dent in Walmart’s stronghold on the grocery business. Walmart had its turn as well with the announcement that it was acquiring […]
Chris Cunnane

Why Your Supply Chain Should Be Riding the Dynamic Waves Trend

4 weeks ago
Online retail has rocked order processing to its core. Large, pre-determined replenishment orders are the past. The amount of unique, one-off orders from consumers from anywhere at any time is constantly increasing. As a result, order sizes are consistently shrinking down to single unit fulfillment. Order cycle times are also waning. Twenty-four hour shipping is no longer the expectation. Customers expect same-day delivery. What does this mean for the distribution center (DC)? All aspects of […]
Craig Moore

Do You Buy American Made Cars? Consider the Supply Chain.

4 weeks 1 day ago
I believe that the average American over the last three decades has become progressively more aware of global supply chains and the distinction between an American company and an American made product. However, I also believe that information on country-of-origin is still very opaque in many cases. But the automotive supply chain is an exception due to the regulations and reporting required. In 2006 I engaged in a conversation with a friend from high school, […]
Clint Reiser

3PLs to Move Data Along in Transportation

1 month ago
There’s no denying that there’s an endless amount of data available in the supply chain. Yet, even when segmented – for instance, to just transportation – it is often underutilized. The logistics industry has made significant progress utilizing data in recent years; transportation management systems have brought order to the chaos. Data is more organized and available in historical and real-time formats. Management has become automated and visualization tools make it simpler to understand. Yet, […]
Andrew Lynch

Leveraging Network Effects to Improve Managed Transportation

1 month ago
Jeff McDermott, the Sr. Vice President of Transportation at GEODIS, made the point in a conversation with me that there have been several new entrants providing managed transportation services. “Cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS) have lowered the barriers of entry in this field. But small players don’t have the economies of scale.” By economies of scale, Mr. McDermott is referring to network effects; being able to leverage visibility to large numbers of transportation moves and […]
Steve Banker

This Week in Logistics News (June 10 – 16)

1 month ago
According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans are anticipating spending more on Father’s Day gifts this year than any other year. So just how much are Americans looking to spend? Let’s just say that the amount is insane. To be more specific, the NRF is expecting total spending to hit $15.5 billion this year, which is $1.2 billion more than last year. This isn’t overly surprising given the fact that Americans seem to spend […]
Chris Cunnane

Are Your Yards Connected to the Supply Chain Ecosystem?

1 month ago
By definition, an ecosystem is a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. The same concept applies in the supply chain, where networks of organizations—including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, customers, and carriers—are all involved in the hands-on delivery of a specific product or service. While few would argue the important role that the manufacturing plant, warehouse, distribution center, and transportation channel play in getting goods from […]
Matt Yearling

Exoskeletons: The Next Generation of Warehouse Safety

1 month ago
At the beginning of the year, Steve Banker and I launched a survey with DC Velocity to examine best practices for achieving excellence in warehouse operations. The research employs the balanced scorecard strategic planning management system. The resulting report looks at what high-performing warehouses are doing differently than other distribution operations. The big question then is what exactly is a “high-performing warehouse?” The survey looked at a number of metrics and best practices that warehouses […]
Chris Cunnane

Bid Activity Strategies and Trends

1 month 1 week ago
Bid optimization and procurement are truly foundational for companies to achieve supply chain excellence and drive value. Procurement process and bid activities have a significant impact on shippers and carriers, making it critical for companies to establish good sourcing practices. With 2016 being a record year in terms of bid activities for shippers – due to an industry-wide desire to align shipper and carrier networks in the anticipation of an uncertain 2017 – we wanted […]
Ben Cubitt and Ratna Prabhu
1 hour 35 minutes ago
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