Marianne D’Aquila

Marianne D’Aquila

Director of Research

Marianne’s current focus is on additive manufacturing and PLM transformative technologies for industry initiatives.

Office Location
Boston, MA
Analytics and Machine Learning
Operational Excellence
Technology Evaluation & Selection

Marianne is responsible for researching, developing, and publishing studies on additive manufacturing and guiding clients in understanding the intersection of hardware innovation, advances in additive manufacturing software, and research in material sciences as they strategically relate to new industrial applications and disruptive business opportunities.  Additionally she is focusing on areas of PLM (CAD/CAM/CAE).

Prior to ARC, Marianne worked at IDC as a market research manager. She managed syndicated and custom project globally, including the Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing Spending guides, as part of the broader digital transformation ecosystem.   She also worked at Gartner and AMR Research, where she was responsible for developing market size, share, forecasts and vertical segmentation across ERP, CRM, PLM and SCM markets. 

Additionally, she held the position of Senior Market Research Analyst at Venture Development Corporation,  Product Manager at Raytheon RF  Semiconductor Components, served as a Tactical/Product Manager at IBM’s Microelectronics Division and Process Engineer at Standard Microsystems Corporation.