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With ARC, your strategic decisions have an independent, third party analysis specific to your needs. Using internal resources, answers to key strategic questions can take many months of study and analysis - but they often reach the wrong conclusion. Improved decision-making starts with utilizing ARC's Services. You and your staff will have the knowledge needed to assess industry dynamics and improve operational performance.

ARC Global List of Clients

ARC serves many Fortune 1000 companies across the world. We work with the world’s largest industrial organizations such as 3M, BASF, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly, Nestle, Georgia-Pacific, Owens Corning, Ingersoll Rand, Shell, and Alcoa.  We also advise their many solution providers, a few notable examples include Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Amazon AWS, PTC, Honeywell, Microsoft, ABB, and SAP. We also work with emerging technology companies that serve industrial markets across the globe.

Both end user and solution provider executives rely on ARC for strategic advice based on our knowledge of industry and technology trends, competitive developments, and buyer expectations. Product managers tap ARC’s expertise for strategic positioning and targeting. We enable our clients to compete in markets increasingly facing disruption due to concerns and issues pertaining to Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity.

Executive Advisory Services

ARC's Advisory Services deliver a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge-based products and services to keep you ahead of the latest industry dynamics, enterprise applications, and plant systems.  Our analysts sift through the clamor of market hype to deliver clear, concise, supplier-neutral summaries of key trends and technologies.  A low client to analyst ratio ensures quick direct access to those who are familiar with your business and the intelligence you need.

Technology Evaluation and Selection Guides

What technologies should you adopt and what suppliers should you work with to help position your company to take advantage of the latest round of technology changes while prioritizing your investments wisely?  ARC Technology Evaluation and Selection Guides can help you select the right technologies and suppliers to meet your specific needs.

Strategic Consulting Services

For industrial, energy and infrastructure organizations as well as investors and technology providers, our consulting services provide the answers for your specific business and industry needs.

Digital Transformation Council

The Digital Transformation Council seeks to enable industry, energy, and public sector professionals driving or impacted by digital transformation to keep abreast of the many emerging technologies and business trends, to learn from others on similar journeys, and to leverage these trends and technologies to achieve transformational growth.

Digital Transformation Top 25

Digital transformation leaders, across many different industries, share common traits and visions, helping them overcome complex challenges to innovate and stay agile. Industrial innovation continues to accelerate, and leading companies have their transformation initiatives well underway. For those who succeed, the result is a competitive advantage, even during the most difficult global times.

Executive Forums

Each year ARC hosts a number of forums and conferences in major cities around the world.   These events provide an excellent opportunity for corporate executives to network with their peers and gather industry intelligence to fine tune their strategic vision for the future.

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